Cosmetic Solutions To Chin Fat With Dr Tom Goyer

Sitting below the jawline, that extra little pillow of fat, usually makes people feel and look older or heavier. It’s the kind of fat that doesn’t budge no matter what exercise or diet you try. 

Dr Tom has heard it all from his clients and understands how frustrating stubborn chin fat can be.

There used to be only two options to address this concern, tough it out, or go under the knife and have the excess fat surgically removed. Of course neither of those sound like an appealing option, but luckily there’s a third non-surgical option Dr Tom Goyer offers his clients. 

So, for those that suffer from the dreaded double chin due to weight fluctuations, because of ageing, or simply due to genetics, this non-invasive cosmetic treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for.  

What is the treatment? 

Don’t worry this isn’t some magical pill that promises the world and delivers nothing. This treatment, like most non-surgical options, is a cosmetic injection. 

This cosmetic injection can permanently remove fat under the chin quickly and safely, and allowing you to enjoy a slimmer facial profile and contoured jaw-line. Cosmetics Doctors like Dr Tom, administer this through multiple small injections under your chin.   

This injection works by mimicking the body’s naturally occurring Deoxycholic Acid to permanently destroy fat cells in the chin, removing the unwanted fullness under the chin and leaving cells healthy and intact. 

Since becoming the first injectable treatment registered in Australia to improve the appearance of a double chin, more and more men and women are opting to tackle a problem area that beforehand was relatively untreatable.  

Is it safe?  

Naturally, everyone’s first concern when hearing about injections is safety, especially when you hear about fat cell dissolving.  

Dr Tom Goyer says can be assured, this treatment is very safe, especially when administered by a medical professional. Ensuring everyone achieves the result they were looking for and sees a real difference in the appearance of their chin.   

Is this treatment suited to me?  

If you’re someone who’s looking to reduce the look of fullness under your chin, whether it’s because of problems with fluctuating weight or just a genetic trait, then yes, this treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for.  

These injections are also perfect for those who would rather not go under the knife and is the perfect solution for both men and women, with little to no downtime needed following the procedure, unlike other surgical options.  

Dr Tom recommends a consultation prior to any treatment to ensure the solution is right for your desired result and for yourself.

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